The Three Rivers Group project to read the Bible

Bible Reading the Bible is life-changing!  We read the Bible to encounter God.  We find out about how he has worked with his people in times past, and we make connections with our own lives. Through our reading and our prayer, God will transform us into people in whom his light shines and who will work in and for his kingdom.

We all have our own reasons for starting out on this project - to read the whole Bible.  For me, it's about being sure that at some point I have read it all, cover to cover, so that I've exposed myself to the whole of God's word.  I also remember a time when I was very unsure that I believed in God, when my faith was dim to say the least - reading the Bible then brought me back to God.  Reading it now grounds my faith.

Each time you read, start with a psalm or a part of a psalm.  Use this to pray your way into your reading.  The psalms contain all of life.  Some are full of praise, some are quite shocking.  We're going to read the whole Bible, so don't miss anything out because you don't like it.  The psalms show us how to talk to God, even when we're feeling angry or in a bad place.  There are no taboo subjects in the Bible, and there isn't anything that we could do or feel that isn't there.

There are two ways to follow this guide.  You could just read chapters as you have time, and let the whole project take as long as it takes.  However, I hope that many of you will follow week by week, even if you have to miss bits in a busy week and come back to them later.

Please also join in discussion with others, either online - using the Comment boxes - or chatting with others who are taking part.  We will organise face to face sessions if people say they want them - so if you do, make sure you tell one of the Ministry Team.


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